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Best Escape Room in Hamilton

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An Incredible Adventure Awaits
Join The Escape Room Craze
Will You Beat The Clock?

What is an Escape room?

Escape rooms are live action, immersive games that require teamwork, curiosity, wit and strategy. You and your team are “locked” in a themed room and are faced with a series of challenging riddles, clues and puzzles. Solving them will allow you to escape! Escape rooms are for people of all skill levels with no special knowledge needed to solve the room and have a great experience. You will have 60 minutes to overcome the challenges. Move quickly before time runs out!

Children under the age of 15 requires an adult in the room.


Each Of Our Escape Rooms Provide A Unique Experience.  Choose The Escape Room Below That Fits Your Personality.
gos adb.png

Game of Stones

Help find the Queen's Dragon's golden egg before the dragon lays waste to the entire kingdom!

crime scene.webp

Crime Scene

A crime scene with no police and a wicked plot twist! Are you ready?

Wizard logo_edited.jpg

The Wizard's Wand

Help Harry and the gang save the wizarding world!

691 Rt 33

Hamilton, NJ 08619


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